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What is linearity, liquid crystal display (LCD), mechanical system?

Linearity: Is the ability to produce the same incremental weight for a sample set throughout the weighing range of the scale or balance.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): A numeric readout device usually displays black characters on a silver background. Glass is coated with transparent electrodes (and in the case of 'active matrix' displays, with transistors) at each pixel site. The glass is then coated with a polymer film, and rubbed so that the liquid crystal molecules align along the grooves. Two such pieces of glass are then put together, and liquid crystal is placed in between. Finally, polarizers are placed on the glass plates. Applying a voltage to the electrodes on the two pieces of glass causes the molecules to reorient, and the pixel to change from transparent to opaque.

Mechanical System: Is the system that includes the measuring cell and other mechanical parts connected together and senses the weight applied then converting it to an analog electrical signal.

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