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What kind of businesses do we service?

What geographical areas do we service?

Do we service laboratory balances?

What equipment do we service?

How should the balance or scales be cleaned?

When should the balance or scale be sent in for a regular maintenance check?

Who should perform maintenance and repair work?

How do we evaluate laboratory balance performance?

How often should the sensitivity of a balance or scale be checked?

Where should a balance or scale be set up?

Is my old balance or scale worth fixing?

What is heat flux, static electricity, vibrations and drafts?

What is drift, digit, digital electronics, flexible bearings?

What is analog electronics, calibration error, capacity, cornerload error, count?

What is forced measuring cell, instability, light emitting diode (LED)?

What is linearity, liquid crystal display (LCD), mechanical system?

What is reproducibility, resolution, vacuum florescent display (VFD)?

What is calibration?

When do I have to calibrate?

What do I need to consider during calibration as far as ambient effects are concerned?

Should internal or external weights be used to calibrate?

How often should external weights be checked?

What are inoperative instruments?

What is repeatability?

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SCC Accreditation No. 487

ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited

Service and Repair of High Precision Mechanical and Electronic Weighing Balances and Scales in Canada.

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